Best Indoor & Outdoor Basketball For You: Reviewed By Experts(2020)

Best outdoor & indoor basketball review
Best outdoor & indoor basketball review


While James Naismith was busy in inventing the game of basketball, he did not have slightest of an idea what wonders this sport is going to create in future. It is one of the greatest blessings for the sportspeople who consider basketball as a phenomenon today. No wonder it has become an intricate sport that has a rich history and undoubtedly requires a great amount of hard work and dedication. best indoor & outdoor basketball review in 2020.

“To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don’t isolate.” 
― Michael Jordan

Even the professionals share their experiences of putting in lots of hard work and efforts to become what they have mastered themselves into. Being a player, you know better, that there are specific bits of equipment that are intricated in taking part in a basketball match. Many players share their experiences that basketball as a game has helped them learn interpersonal skills and even helped them socialize with the people enhancing communication skills. 

Best indoor & Outdoor basketball
Best Indoor & Outdoor basketball


The reason why people love playing basketball is, it is a team game as well as an individual game. One can play the game for hours, all alone and still feel enthusiastic. One might consider the game interesting, but the court decides a different story for each individual. One must be really dedicated and have a lot of strength with the qualities of teamwork, perhaps, then, one can aim to become the greatest basketball player one day.

We have seen players sharing their experiences regarding the game and how the game has changed their lives, once and for all. A perfect combination of passion and hard work, basketball is the game that changes your life, in better ways! No offence to other games and sports, I personally fall hard for the game for many reasons. 

With time, the role of basketball as a ball has become important, people now give huge importance to the type, size, and other features that have a specific role in the play. You know better, apart from size, other specifications of the ball do a lot favour in handling, dribbling and controlling. Basketball may be used for indoor or outdoor play. So here we present you a list of few indoor and outdoor basketballs that have made their place in best rated ones, helping you select the best one for you, as per your preferences.

Indoor & Outdoor Basketballs

NameMaterial TypeRatingsWhere to get?




Primarily designed to teach kids with the basics of the game like dribbling drills and passing drills, this ball does not disappoint any. Once the child becomes familiar with all these aspects of the game, everything else falls in place for her/him, relating to basketball. The pick-up of the game becomes an easy thing for the kids as the ball delivers a consistent reaction.

As the ball itself looks like a traditional basketball, children often fall prey for it as it gives them an idea of becoming a great basketball player one day. Mikasa Premium Basketball is a supreme quality leather ball that does great justice to its worth. Even for adults, this basketball is a great option as long as they want to use of enhancing their skills.


  • Specific for indoor purposes.
  • Good for kids.
  • Adults may use the ball for practice.




Generally, players do have complaints that their balls lose the spark over time, while playing outdoors. So, here is a premium indoor/outdoor ball specifically designed to provide a solution to their issue.

The rough surface of the ball allows it to hold a great grip over the ground while playing outdoors. The ball is technically designed to maintain great balance while on the ground and allows the players to quickly take natural turns with the ball.

The stratum of the ball has the ability to maintain a great air seal while playing on the ground or practising indoors. So basically, this ball is a good pick-up for players who may use it for indoor and outdoor purposes.     


  • Best for indoor and outdoor plays.
  • Hard and rough surface.
  • Great gripping power.




Being a player, you know how important it is box out properly and efficiently. However, the game of basketball depends upon that one main skill, shooting. The ball, FIBA approved one, is a terrific combination of bounce and great gripping power. Rebounding is another major aspect of the play, that matters a lot while on the court.

A great player has the ability to track the rotation of the ball, as having that ability allows him to forestall where the possible rebound location may be; this ball is a great help in that case. Excitingly, great basketballers have named this ability as “having a nose for the ball.”


  • FIBA approved.
  • Comes with a Signature 12 Panel Design.
  • Great in tracking rotation.



As the name suggests, the basketball is technically engineered with Wave Triple Threat Technology that offers a great combination of three extra grooves per panel that allows the players to hold a great grip while shooting the ball into the basket! As the ball is designed for outdoor plays, the surface cover has a great role to decide the fate of the ball.

The basketball has a great feature of dual-tone surface cover, offering great bounce and consistent durability. The pebbled rubber channels have been designed for offering an enhanced and improved feel, allowing the player to excel in the game!


  • WAVE Triple Threat Technology
  • Dual-Tone Surface Cover
  • Core Design






A perfectly balanced ball that enables the player to excel in catching, passing, handling, rebounding and shooting; this basketball is a good pick-up for you! The soft and adhesive feel that the composite cover gives, has the ability to enhance the basketballer’s play while on the court. The basketball serves indoors as well as outdoors.

The attractive looking ball offers great cylinder reaction from indoor and outdoor playing perspectives. The basketball offers a superior reaction when compared to other such balls in the league.

The brand does not disappoint the buyers by just giving one colour, instead, it comes with four various colours. Great durability and concrete composure, the ball is a perfect win-win!


  • Flex Composite cover
  • Great balancing and gripping power
  • Good for indoor as well as outdoor plays


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There is no doubt that ball offers indoor and outdoor play, but the reviews say it is more structured for indoor basketball plays. The material of the ball is made of composite leather that is indeed durable and concrete.

The ball offers ultimate grip to the hands of the player, who then firmly holds it and fears no opponent stealing it any go! The deep channel designs of the ball do offer more reliability.

Further, the shape retention is rendered with 80% nylon windings. However, the ball has been observed as losing its charm within a few weeks of its use and the players do share their experiences of their balls running out of grip.


  • Concrete structure.
  • UA GRIP SKIN composite structure.
  • Suggested better for indoor lays.



A basketball that has the ability to woo its buyers by its extraordinary features and traditional off-set, you have landed your search at the right place! The great bouncing ability is yet another reason you would fall prey to this masterpiece. It bounces well on the wooden ground; however, players suggest its performance doesn’t compromise on any kind of ground.

Coming with great durability and reliance, it is safe to buy this ball for obvious reasons. The colour that one has to settle with is just brown, as you see. The leather cover is designed specifically so that the player can hold a great grip over the ball. 


  • Premium Performance PU leather cover.
  • Great gripping power.
  • Durable for long term.


Spalding® NBA® Official Basketball (EA)
Spalding® NBA® Official Basketball (EA)

Coming in two exciting colours, blue and salmon, the basketball is designed for outdoor plays. The rubber cover of the ball is indeed an attraction for most of the buyers, who count it as alluring at first appearance.

Ensuring great gripping power to the players, the ball always makes sure to maintain a balance that is much needed while on the court. Many players have suggested other players regarding this ball for various reasons, great grip, maintaining balance while on the court, bouncy texture and how may it be forgotten, great appealing look!


  • Great gripping power.
  • Designed for rough outdoor plays.
  • Rubber cover.



Under Armour Steph Curry Basketball, Official Size 7
Under Armour Steph Curry Basketball, Official Size 7

Good for indoor and outdoor play, the ball comes with a great design representing the logo of UA beautifully and significantly. The players often fall for this beauty because of its great texture and surface area, moreover, the ball does not fade away with time no matter what. The air pressure of the ball may be adjusted as per the baller’s guide.

The Butyl bladder of the ball allows the player to keep a check on retainment of the ball and other features too. The rubber cover of the ball is yet another reason why this ball is always in demand by professional basketball players.


  • Supreme rubber cover
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Durable and reliable




The appealing and attractive looking ball easily steals the attention of buyers, especially the one who love black colour. Suits the beginners and professionals, this basketball is loved by all the players. Right from the beginning, if one learns to master the art of playing basketball, there are enough reasons to turn up as the basketball star one day.

The supreme quality ball is a perfect pick-up for you if you aim to go for a ball that suits your professional career. The ball is lightweight, and it eventually becomes easy for basketballers to hold a firm grip over it.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great for training sessions
  • Composite structure



Indoor basketball vs Outdoor basketball
Indoor basketball vs Outdoor basketball

There are incidents when people get confused between an outdoor and indoor basketballs. While many argue that there are not much or better say, major differences in both kinds of basketballs, there are some specific grounds on which indoor and outdoor basketballs do differ. When it comes to separate indoor and outdoor basketballs, the only ground that one may rely upon is, the material of the ball. Let us understand each one-

As indoor basketballs do not face the harsh conditions of the weather outside, so its surface is generally made of full-grain leather, that surely attracts one because of its smell.

Further, the surface of the ball generally feels sticky initially, because of its gummier texture. While playing, one would experience different kind of bounce and enthusiasm that indoor basketballs offer.

Various companies today, are offering the leather made basketball that are cheap even. For young children, generally, the leather basketball is advised which is yet another reason why companies are hitting the market with their varieties in basketballs. 

When coming to the texture and material used in outdoor, it is quite tough in comparison to basketballs designed for indoor purposes. The material of the outdoor basketball needs to be hard, concrete and rough so that it can cope up with the composite surfaces of the court or the wooden gym.

Perhaps, that is the sole reason why some basketballs are made up of rubber and are comparatively heavier. As the outside covering of an outdoor basketball is made up of rubber, there are enough reasons why it is heavy in nature and used by professional players only. Generally, traditional basketball brands only manufacture the rubber basketballs as players prefer good quality balls that are, obviously expensive but worth buying. 


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Basketball size,
Basketball size

The basketball industry has made various kinds of progressions over time. Today, different shapes and sizes are offered by the basketball companies and the players choose the best one as per their preferences. Lots and lots of efforts are seen in the market to make the basketball look appealing and attractive. However, many companies resort to the traditional basketball design that creates a nostalgic impact upon the players. 

While one plans to take their game to a higher level, it is pretty important to show great concern towards the size of the ball you are going to play with. Even while practising, the players have to be cautious. One must not be lenient while choosing the indoor basketballs even. However, when we talk about selecting the best basketball for you, we are talking about the size of the ball that matters. 

There are, basically three sizes of basketballs that are offered by the companies.   

  • Size 5- These basketballs are designed for the children aiming to become a great basketball player one day. Kids are often advised to play the game as it results in their bodily growth and even helps them build their mental levels. The diameter of the size 5 ball rests at 27.5 inches.


  • Size 6- Designed for teenagers and women basketball players, this size of basketball rests at 28.5 inches. However, many growing kids also prefer playing with the ball as it excites them for various reasons. It gives them a sense of adulthood, maybe!


  • Size 7- Technically designed for professional players, the size is advised to be played with, only by players. Measuring around 29.5 inches in diameter, the basketball size is a proper traditional one, manufactured for skilled basketball players.
Why basketball size matters?
Why basketball size matters?



As the competition in every industry has risen with time, we cannot expect the basketball industry to show any backlog for sure, when the game is so loved by the people. The companies offer various kinds of material with the ball and as per their use, either for indoor or outdoor purpose or both even! best indoor & outdoor basketball review in 2020.

Let us have a look at the kind of material that the basketball companies use to manufacture the ball of your dreams!


The professionals prefer such kind of balls that are made of pure leather as they offer ease while holding a grip over it. Further, the ball is made of soft material which adds on more to its superiority. With time, the basketball becomes softer, making it comfortable for the players to maintain a firm balance and grip. Counted as the most expensive basketballs, leather ones do not compromise with the worth they carry. The basketballs made of leather material must be used only for indoor purposes.


The synthetically produced composite leather is a kind that gives a close picture to leather. The balls made of synthetic material are used for indoor as well as outdoor basketball plays. As the material of the ball is designed for serving both purposes, it wears out more often in comparison to the leather basketball. The synthetically designed basketballs offering the composite leather structure do offer great gripping power to the players, allowing them to excel in both manners, indoors and outdoors.


The traditional basketball off-set gives a picture of rubber basketball. These balls are the standard ones that were used by the players, on the court. With the pace of time, the leather and composite leather basketballs have made their places in the basketball industry. However, even today, the rubber basketballs are manufactured solely for outdoor plays. On the asphalt surfaces, these rubber basketballs offer great bounce and shooting opportunities to the players.

Shooting in basketball


In order to become a great basketball player, you must learn a few techniques that would shape you into a professional. Even if you are young or your child is passionate about playing basketball, you must have a look at some skills that one needs to master at, for becoming a legendary player. 

Shooting in basketball
Shooting in Basketball

The basketball game is a high-energy game requires one to be highly energized in order to compete with the opponents. There are various types of shooting and each has their own technicalities. Shooting is a skill that eventually results in winning of the basketball match. The coaches do guide their disciples in order to master the art of shooting in the game of basketball. There are some fundamental shots that can be seen in a basketball match-

Jump shot basketball
Jump shot basketball
  • Jump Shot– The basic shot that summarizes a traditional basketball match is the jump shot. As the name suggests, a player has to jump and shoot the ball in the basket in order to gain points. A player earns single point, double points and three points after shooting the ball into the basket. 
Lay up shot basketball
Lay up shot basketball
  • Lay-up– Under this technique, the player is near to the basket and with force, lay-up the ball so that it hits inside the basket. In that case, one does not need to put any focus upon the backboard for doing the same. The player moves near the basket area and jumps high in order to put the ball into the basket, under this kind of shot, one may gain two points. best indoor & outdoor basketball review.


  • Slam Dunk– The technique is considered as cool and exciting as it requires the player to be tall-heightened in order to hit the ball in the basket. Great jumping skills are much needed for a successful slam dunk. The professional tall-heightened players are seen practising this shot a lot of as numerous points may be earned with such a shot.


  • Hook Shot– Here, the player is supposed to shoot the basket using the hand in a hook position. For performing the shot, the player needs to have his back facing the net and his outer hand holds the ball. In the fraction of seconds, the player needs to turn back in a hook position, heading the ball into the basket and aiming to gain points when the ball hits the basket.
Dribbling at basketball
Dribbling at basketball

Seems an easy job to do, but is not one, for sure. One might see professional basketball players dribbling with so much comfort and ease, it obviously seems that dribbling is a fun and easy thing to perform while playing basketball. When the game got invented, no dribbling scenes were there, however, with the pace of time, few basic techniques of dribbling were developed, and basketball players mastered them with lots and lots of hard work and dedication. Let us learn about some basic techniques of the game-

  • Basic Dribbling– Common skill that even a non-basketball player may perform with some practise, this technique is easy and mainstream. Although the skill is easy to implement there are many rules and other factors that have an impact upon it. Dribbling must be executed with a lot of practise and skill. Dribbling with the fingertips give a great bounce to the ball while dribbling with the palm would not be of much use. Head must be up, most of the times as it will help the player to keep an eye on the opponent and defend the ball well.


  • Spin Dribble– Under it, the player has to spin in order to defend the ball from the opponent. This is yet another basic dribbling skill that most of the players are taught while on the court. Under this skill, it is really important to be instant with the head movements are they play a major role in looking for the defendant and making quick spins to save the ball from the opponent. 
Slam dunk shot basketball
Slam dunk shot basketball
  • Behind the Back Dribble– Not an easy skill to master, under this one, the player has to dribble and pass the ball between the hands and behind their back. This skill requires great amount of instant reaction when the opponent is near, and it is not easy to defend the ball. Generally, such skills are mastered by professional basketball players.


  • Change of Pace Dribble– The dribble technique used to trick the player; this one is a real help for the basketball players who have the ability to perform it. Under this, the player slows down as if he is trapped by the opponents and surrounded by the player all over. Looking for the right moment, the player very nicely deceives the opponents leaving no chance for them to catch him. 


Shooting and dribbling are the fundamentals of the game basketball and in order to become the greatest basketball player, one needs to master both of them.

Shooting in basketball
Shooting in basketball


Well, generally people think basketball is an easy game of five players each of both the teams where they compete with each by dribbling, saving and defending the ball and eventually shooting it into the basket.

However, the real picture is always big and different. The game has some tricky and difficult rules that are to be followed by the players who play basketball. Have a look at the rules that are to be followed while playing basketball-

Basketball Rules
Basketball Rules
  • Each team is allowed to have a maximum of five players on the court who may play at a time. However, teams do need to have substitute players who may play as many times as they wish to or when the team needs their play.
  • The ball may be held by the players only while dribbling and passing to the other players. The players are allowed to move the ball in different directions only while dribbling. They are not allowed to hold the ball with both the hands, unless, the ball is held for passing. 
  • When a player catches the ball, he is not allowed to hold it for more than 10 seconds, he either has to dribble the ball or pass it on to other players. 
  • 24 seconds time is allowed for a player to shoot the ball in the basket, it must fall in the net or at least touch the rim of the basket. Another set of 24 seconds are allotted for doing the same if the ball does not shoot the basket.
  • The team that is trying to hit the ball into the basket is called an offence while the one that prevents that team from doing so is termed as a defence. As per the game-set, the defence team has to take all possible measures to stop the offence team from hitting the basket with the ball by either blocking their way or not allowing them to score a basket.
  • Fouls are counted for various purposes, like holding the ball for long, hitting the opponent team’s player, using both the hands for dribbling and any other sought rule. Fouls are accumulated and end up resulting in benefitting a free throw to the opponent team. 


It is important for a basketball player to be geared up with all the things that needed for a great play. Having the right equipment besides you while going for the basketball match or for the training benefits you immensely. best indoor & outdoor basketball review in 2020.

  • Basketball shoes adjusting your feet type/size
  • Comfortable T-shirts and hoodies, lowers/shorts
  • Water bottles
  • Water enhancers
  • Extra basketball
  • Ball pump & needle
  • Towels 
  • Mouthguard
  • Wristband

Beginning from foot, you need a pair of shoes that are best suited for the type of environment you are going to play. Further, the shoe must fit your feet and give them a relaxing experience. Being a basketball player, you must be very cautious while selecting the pair of shoes for you. Luckily, so many sports companies have started giving attention to the foot structure, feet type and other conditions that somehow put a huge impact upon your play. You got end number of choices when it comes to shoes. best indoor & outdoor basketball review.

Warm-up suits and jackets are what give you an identification. One must look like a basketball player when she/he enters the court, either indoor or outdoor. While playing a match, obviously you are designated a special dress, but for individual training or practice, one must be really cautious as to how their appearance looks like. best indoor & outdoor basketball review.

Moving ahead, the basketball t-shirts need to be comfortable and relaxing, the ones that do not make the player feel uneasy at any moment while playing. Just like shoes, the hoodies, t-shirts and lowers or shorts also do come in various sizes and other specifications. The players must take the decision keeping in mind the basketball player look and overall comfort. best indoor & outdoor basketball review.

Apart from players geared up look, the basketball players always, do need to carry an extra basketball, just in case, it might be needed. The ball pump and needle are also very important things to keep in mind while picking up the basketball. Rest, water bottles, water enhancers, towels (cooling ones suggested), mouthguard, wristbands and other basic basketball accessories must always be there with a basketball player, as they might be needed at any hour. 



Indoor basketball play sounds really interesting as we have grown up seeing indoor basketball matches at schools. The use of equipment in indoor basketball play are quite different from that of outdoor ones. While we discussed above, some basic equipment that are used for basketball plays; indoors as well as outdoors, here are some equipment designed specifically for indoor basketball plays-



It requires one to be fully prepared while going for an outdoor basketball play. We discussed a few basic equipment that a typical basketball game consists of. However, for arranging a basketball match outdoor, the scene is completely different. Here is a list of basketball equipment that one needs to arrange for a basketball play outdoors-



While we discussed how important it is to master overshooting and dribbling skills; there are some other drills that need your attention too! best indoor & outdoor basketball review in 2020. Apart from running and jumping, shooting and dribbling, you must have a keen interest in the following noted drills in order to hit the basket of your dreams-

  • Basic Drill– Under this the player has to run sideline to sideline for fraction of seconds or better say, one minute and keep a record as to how many times he crosses the court.
  • Full Court Sprint– A drill that demands you to sprint the full court facing opposite the baseline the other side. Then you have to touch the baseline and return back to the position. The same activity must be repeated for like 6 or 7 times.
  • Ladder Drill– Using both the feet, jump up into the definite boxes. This drill helps you working upon the height. This drill is basically applied upon the young children whose height may get increased. 
  • Full Court Lay Up– The player must dribble the ball to the opposite basket from the baseline and result in performing a right-handed lay-up. The same activity must be repeated using the left hand and it should continue for almost five minutes.


Q. Is basketball advisable game for young children?

A. Yes, basketball is a great fun game for young children and allows them to excel in their mental and physical levels.

Q. What are the different sizes of a basketball?

A. There are three different sizes of a basketball; size 5, size 6 and size 7.

Q. What is the best basketball brand available in the market?

A. There are various brands offering basketballs today, however, the traditional and well-known one is Spalding.

Q. What are basketballs made up of?

A. Each basketball is manufactured with a different material, the leather, composite leather or synthetically made and rubber.

Q. I am 24 years old, should I play with a rubber basketball?

A. Yes, you may play with a rubber basketball, but you must coach under a skilled professional.


Hook Shot basketball
Hook Shot basketball

Selecting the one basketball that fits your gaming perfectly, is indeed a tough task for you to perform. However, having provided a list of specifications surely makes your work easy!

It can be said that almost every basketball, considering the size and type of material, does offer some common balling aspects that the basketball players thrive for.

For young children, the leather balls or synthetically made balls are advised, as per their ages. However, for adults and professional players, the rubber balls that are solely made for outdoor purposes are suggested. best indoor & outdoor basketball review in 2020

One must be sure regarding the size of the ball and the type of material the basketball is made up of. At the end, it is you who will have to decide the best basketball that hits the basket of your dreams! best indoor & outdoor basketball review in 2020

Happy Basketballing <3 

best indoor & outdoor basketball review in 2020


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