Hi everyone! In our last article we discussed regarding water enhancers that must be taken for increasing efficiency and energy while playing or working out, we hope we helped you by the way of an article. Today we will discuss the increasing trend of ‘Boxing as a Youth Game’. Over the years, we have seen that sports are not just seen a source of entertainment and a good time-pass in leisure; but people now follow their passion, full-heartedly and even end up making a career in sports. 

Right from childhood, if a child is trained for a sport he is interested in, he might end up becoming a sports star a day. Moreover, many parents are keen to know about the latest trends in sports, how they must encourage their child to play one, which sport is best suited for their child! There are so many things that parents have to worry about, especially when it comes to sports. Children are seen getting inclined towards Boxing as a sport; lately. Although, Boxing is a game that generally adults are interested in playing in; however, in recent years, children and youth are more interested in boxing not just as a sport; but as a passion. 

boxing for kids
boxing for kids

We receive a series of queries from parents who follow up their child’s passion or who think of getting their child trained as they personally are interested in Boxing. It is understandable that parents do worry as boxing may turn out dangerous for their child if he doesn’t fit the sport.

However, we believe that most of the people who consider ‘Boxing as dangerous Sport’ are not completely aware of its benefits. We suppose there are always two sides of a story; in that case, complete and genuine knowledge regarding Boxing is must, while one forms a perspective regarding it. With appropriate coaching and medical instructions; your child may become a great Boxer one day. 

Here we present you our article on ‘Boxing for Children’ that may tell you what you are actually looking for and clear all your doubts! But before that, have a look at words by great Boxers across the world-

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.” -Muhammad Ali

“The hero and the coward both feel the same thing. But the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs. It’s the same thing, fear, but it’s what you do with it that matters.” -Cus D’amato

“If you work hard in training, the fight is easy.” -Manny Pacquiao

kids boxing
kids boxing

Is your child passionate about Boxing?

The first and foremost thing that you must focus upon is; is your child really interested in playing Boxing? Most of the times, children just get attracted to things they find fascinating and try to experience them. This does not happen all the time, but generally, it is true; being a parent, you know it all better. 

You must consider this fact as important because Boxing is a sport that requires rigorous training and total dedication. It also requires your child to be physically fit and healthy. You will have to spend good money in coaching and training, apart from that, the diet of your child has to be strictly monitored as per the dieticians. Considering all these factors, if you are absolutely sure that your child is fit to play the sport, go on! 

Still in doubt: Is boxing safe for your child?

We completely understand your concern as a parent; it is entirely alright to feel so! Although many doctors across the world, as per the recommendations of America Academy of Pediatrics, do not favour Boxing as a sport for youth and young kids as children might face some serious injuries that can harm them severely; However, some are of opinion that the standards set by the Academy on Youth Boxing are not statistically appropriate.

kids boxing gadgets
kids boxing gadgets

We, by no way, consider the recommendation as vague or inappropriate, but we do firmly believe that if a child is  trained under experienced coaches and all the instructions regarding health, diet and game are followed; there are negligible chances that your child might face ay issue while playing. We suppose that if we go by logic, no sport is safe for any child or even an adult! Boxing is not a threat to your child; please do not think that it might end up causing head injuries to your child.

You must understand that all the sports that are physically intensive; do have certain risks with them. But, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t play any sport, isn’t it? It’s not that we are generalizing Boxing with this fact; of course, we know that safety is a key point in Boxing and young children do need special focus too, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t follow her or his passion. 

The only way to tackle the issue of safety is, consult with your children, tell them all the factors and let them know what is required for doing boxing rightly and if they still hold on to it; get them trained under experienced and qualified coach!


What are the Benefits of Youth Boxing?

After getting negative comments like “Boxing is a dangerous game” or “Children must not be trained to do Boxing”, we know you might be upset and confused! Here we bring you some positive points of boxing or better say, benefits of Youth Boxing. 

  1. Health & Fitness

Indeed. We know that playing sports is good for health, but there are different benefits of different sports. Boxing is termed as the finest sport when we talk about Cardiovascular Strength. The nature of the sport is such that it requires a great amount of energy while one is in the ring, so it is really helpful in burning calories.

As per scientific records, one can burn up to 350 calories per hour, if doing boxing right. However, when we talk about kids, such amount is obviously not expected, though some certain amounts of calories are burnt during boxing. It is a sport that necessitates one’s body to put energy from every bit, that helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system; resulting in good blood flow. Also, boxing helps in strengthening muscles and bones; one should note that it childhood is the best age where parents can help their child build strong bones.

Another scientific reason, while your child plays a sport that requires great amount of stamina and power, the brain naturally starts doubling the production of endorphins; popularly known as ‘Feel-Good Neurotransmitters’ that is helpful in lessening the stress level and ends up refreshing your child.

children boxing pros n cons
children boxing pros n cons
  1. Helps in Boosting Confidence

We are sure that you want your child to be really confident with everything that he does. Isn’t it? Being a parent, it is really important that you focus upon your child’s overall growth and self-esteem is something that no parent would ever compromise with. So, here we present you another benefit of boxing; it certainly helps in increasing your child’s confidence level. There is no doubt that Boxing is extremely challenging and there are chances that you child may discontinue playing it if he feels he doesn’t fit, but one cannot ignore the fact that it would enhance his decision-making power as well. 

He would learn to decide things for himself. Psychologically, boxing has many benefits and one should definitely note them while deciding if the play is good enough or their child.

kids boxing pros n cons
kids boxing pros n cons
  1. Controls Aggressive Attitude and Social Benefits

Boxing is a game that demands the boxer to be aggressive inside the ring, but with poise. The play is probably the only one, where a person learns how to control aggression and deal with it. Probably the best benefit that boxing can offer; and every parent would agree that somehow, it becomes difficult for them to deal with their child’s aggressive attitude. Also, boxing reduces your child’s capacity to get involved in useless matters like fights among kids. 

How can we forget, your child would learn the art of self-defence; which is a must thing that you need to train your child. Obviously, as you know young children face issues with socializing and boxing may help them resolve them. Another art, self-discipline is learnt while one plays the game. It is a well-known fact that Boxing requires one to be really attentive and focused, in that case, it would not be wrong to suggest that your child would learn the art of self-calm and self-discipline. 


confident boxing kid
confident boxing kid

We discussed many features of boxing till now, most of you must have had decided whether you want your child to go for it or not. So all the interested parents must take note of the following skills that your child would learn in order to do wonders in the field of Boxing! 

  1. Footwork

Although, people generally do not talk about it much, however, we feel that footwork plays a major role inside the ring. Your child must learn how to hold on to the grip of the foot when targeted by the opponent. It would further increase the balance and coordination, by the way of learning how to be nimble on their feet. 

  1. Psychology

One may own raw skill and enormous talent, but if not trained with the right mentality, right from childhood, it is of no use, instead harmful. Inside the ring, one must be taught about when to land an essential shot or when to step back, as it is really important to form the right mentality regarding the play.

When outside the ring, your child must know how to respect the opponent as the fight takes place only inside the ring, outside, all our sportsmen and the child must endeavour the sportsmen spirit. 

  1. Punching

The main skill that your child has to learn while Boxing is punching and it is considered offensive in nature. Your child would be taught prominently regarding this skill. Children are taught a few basic skills like upper and lower jabs, the crosses, the hooks and uppercuts.

These skills are taught to your child so that he can defend himself inside the ring, and attack the opponent with confidence!


boxing kid
boxing kid

Safe an exciting; here we present you some exciting Boxing games for your child.

  1. The Heavy Bag

heavy bag boxing for children
heavy bag boxing for children

As you know, under boxing training, one has to work the heavy bag. Probably the fun game and easy to work upon, this game allows your child to enhance his punching skills, which is, evidently the most important skill a boxer has to learn. By this manner, parents may get to test their child’s efficiency and patience. Moreover, it is the best way child can coach himself during free time, it further builds the body strength too.

  1. One-Legged Boxing

The name of the game is quite understandable and offers a great level of excitement and joy, especially for kids. A sparring match is organized between opponents and they are allowed to stand only on one leg. During the match; the one who stands back on two legs eventually loses the match. This is a fun game, allowing players to attain balance on one leg, and this game encourages the handicapped children to gain confidence and motivates them.

  1. The Sock Drill

The game is developed in such a manner that it enhances the evasion skills along with good footwork. The child would be having a sock hung at the top of their upper wear, towards outside. The child has to steal the sock of the opponent, by making sure his sock is not stolen by his opponent; protecting it. The summary of this sport is; the child would learn the art of self-defence with a theory to attack his opponent when in a situation where he has to be defensive as well. Probably the best game, it is to be noted that the game is, by no means harmful for the players. 

boxing for kids
boxing for kids


There is no reason to take Boxing game for granted. It is, indeed a sport that requires a person to be really attentive while playing as a bit of carelessness can land up to one in huge trouble.

Now, if we talk about kids, the concern just doubles; for obvious reasons. Suppose, if your child is not trained properly, and faces an opponent who is well-trained and efficient, your child may get injured severely. For such causes, here we bring some key precautions that your child must learn while playing. 

  1. Safety

First and foremost thing, being a parent, you must consider is, your child is coaching under a well-qualified and his academy or institute is affiliated with the governing bodies. Make sure that they are well-prepared with all the security measures and also, have all the necessary people like Doctors and instructors, who may be required at any moment.

safety for children boxing
safety for children boxing

Next comes the quality of products; the gloves and the shoes, the headgear, mouthpieces must be of supreme quality and no compromise shall be done on that part. While sparring each other, kids must wear the hand wraps that are equipped to protect the hands and the wrists of the children, while they punch each other to hit the heavy bags.

  1. Managing the Physical Training

Boxing is not just about punching and defending oneself; it involves a series of bodywork like jogging, jumping rope and sparring. These activities are a part of the training as they aim to enhance your child’s overall performance. Further, it increases the stamina, energy levels and results in improvement of your kid’s cardiovascular fitness.

It is your responsibility to make sure your child is getting enough diet while he prepares to become a Boxing Star! Keep in touch with the paediatricians and doctors, who may keep a check on your child’s bodily structure, if it able to cope up with the training or if he needs significant measures to be adopted.


We, by the way of writing this article, have tried to make you aware regarding youth boxing and what impact it may put on your child; either physically or mentally. From giving an idea of your child living his dream of boxing to the precautions you must consider while he coaches under an instructor; we have come a long way!

We sincerely hope that this article was what you were looking for and is promising enough to help you live your child’s dream of becoming a boxing star one day. We will keep serving you, our dear visitors, by writing such articles that you would consider, if you look out for anything regarding sports; from finding a pair of shoes for basketball to searching the best Football Helmets for your child. Thank you! 

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