Best Water Enhancer 2019
Best Water Enhancer 2019

Hi friends! We are back again with the list of some essentials that you need while you play! While playing any sport, the first and foremost thing that you need is energy. Best water enhancer 2020? You will know shortly. We know that you are a fitness freak and keeping your body in posture while you play, is a great matter of concern for you, isn’t it?

Traditional people suggest various ways through which you may enhance your energy efficiency by taking healthy diet; but with recent studies and experts’ advice, it has been observed that when you play, your intake has a major role to play, so it should be planned accordingly.

Water Enhancer is a new term that has made its place in recent years; many fitness bloggers refer to it online. It is a new kind of beverage that is advised to be taken by the sportspeople as it keeps them energized throughout the time they play. Water enhancers are seen as small, portable and easy-carrying, having concentrated liquid flavour, known to have to be mixed with plain water, few drops are to be taken at a time. The water enhancers are sweet in taste, generally coming in appealing colours, which is one more reason that makes them likeable. Deadlifters drink a lot of water in order to keep themselves fit.

Although water enhancers are recommended best for adults, young children playing sports are often seen getting inclined. These drinks are known to be calorie-free and liked by people for various reasons. One, they are, obviously, recommended by great sportspeople; second, they are not at all harmful for people. Moreover, they also work well with people who have dehydration issues.

NameProsConsWhere to get?
MiO Liquid Water EnhancerMiO Liquid Water Enhancer Non-artificialNot advised much intake
MuscleBlaze BCAA ProMuscleBlaze BCAA Pro- 450 gReduces catabolismNot advised for teens
Electrolyte Mineral Drops
Electrolyte Mineral Drops EM Drops
Reduces dehydrationExpensive
BPI Energy Liquid WaterBPI Energy Liquid Water Enhancer- 6ct BoxVarious flavorsNot too healthy
BodyFuelz Fast ChargeBodyFuelz Fast Charge Good for rehydrationExpensive for beginners
Boldfit Hydra Blend Energy Powder & Electrolyte Isotonic Boldfit Hydra Blend Energy Powder & Electrolyte isotonic Sports Drink Mix Glutten-freeNot good for sugar patients
Stur-Classic Variety PackStur-Classic Variety Pack, Natural Water Enhancer Zero caloriesAddictive

So, by the time you read above, you must have realized that water enhancers are somehow important for you while you play, as they are prepared in a manner that they enhance your efficiency while playing a sport. As you know that your energy level is directly linked to your performance; we are up with a list of some best water enhancers that are much needed by you as you are a sports enthusiast.
Most of us know we should be drinking more water. But when thirst kicks in, maybe we’re craving the flavor of a sports drink instead, or the afternoon caffeine boost of a soda. – Kyforward

  1. MiO Liquid Water Enhancer, 1.62 Ounce

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer
MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

Ensuring vitamins, this brand has never disappointed with taste and quality. The flavour is natural and sweet in taste and promising while one playing. Generally, people love the orange flavour and that’s the reason why it is in demand all the time! Neither artificial nor overpowering, the water enhancer does justice with the people who choose it over all other drinks. The taste is refreshing and natural, making it likeable by general people who have taste issues or are particular about it. It has been observed that people generally do forget taking water on time while playing; this water enhancer can do it all. best water enhancer 2020

Doing two jobs at a time; taste and energy, one must not ignore this one if looking out for flavoured best water enhancer 2020.


  • Refreshing taste
  • Non-artificial


  • Not advised much intake
  1. MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro- 450 g 

MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro- 450 g 
MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro- 450 g

Coming in five flavours, the drink is really powerful and refreshing. As the brand itself speaks up for itself, the water enhancer comes with a combination of citrulline malte, electrolytes and glutamine and 7g BCCA. It is claimed by the brand that just 2.5 g of glutamine has the ability to speed up at the rate of muscle rate and also, reduces catabolism. Many sportspeople recommend it as 7g BCCA of muscleblaze works as a powerful drink while working out or playing any sport.

Another feature being, 1g of citrulline dl malte owns the ability to swell up your muscles with increased blood flow, resulting in your muscle growth while you are under training or playing. Among five flavours, Fruit Splash and Pineapple have been liked by people, as per reviews by people.


  • Reduces catabolism.
  • Powerful drink.


  • Some claim it is not advised for teens.
  1. Electrolyte Mineral Drops EM Drops

Electrolyte Mineral Drops EM Drops
Electrolyte Mineral Drops EM Drops

EM drops are colourless liquid, having all the essential elements that are needed by your body while you play! You will have to add a few drops to plain water and drink it when you are playing or working out. The drops are powerful and refresh your mind and body, enabling you to give your best. People who have an issue of dehydration must specifically use the drops as they are energizing and healthy, as confirmed by doctors as well. Having elements like magnesium, calcium and potassium; known to be best for heart, muscles and bones; the Electrolyte Mineral Drops are best suited for people whose immunity power is low or are prone to heat strokes as well. best water enhancer 2020

The drops are free from any kind of sugar sodium, having no calories and artificial colours, are undoubtedly costly; but are totally worth if you aim to use the best water enhancer on this date.


  • Good for people with low immunity power.
  • Reduces dehydration.


  • Expensive.
  1. BPI Energy Liquid Water Enhancer- 6ct Box

BPI Energy Liquid Water Enhancer
BPI Energy Liquid Water Enhancer

Looking for an ‘easy to go’ water enhancer? You have landed the best place. BPI water enhancer surely suits you as it is just so easy to carry and comes into different packets. The water enhancer is known to improve the focus of one, who is a sportsperson. The quality and taste, both are of superior quality and do have the ability to keep its users addicted to it; positively. Coming in different flavours, out of all, caffeine is most liked by the customers, it can be observed online when people share their reviews. One just needs to add the enhancer into plain water, and there you go!

One needs to be really aware regarding mixing the enhancer with the correct amount of water as mentioned in the packet. If one adds to much water then the drink would not be effective at all, on the other hand, adding little water would make it too sweet. 


  • Good in taste
  • Various flavors


  • Not too healthy
  1. BodyFuelz Fast Charge

BodyFuelz Fast Charge
BodyFuelz Fast Charge

BodyFuelz Fast Charge has been able to design a sports drink that based on scientific factors. It primarily focuses upon rehydration; which most of the water enhancers do not mention. If the brand does so, it has some reasons behind it. First, it offers 6% Osmotic Delivery system, a kind of carbohydrate concentration that blends well with water and ensures you remain energized throughout the game. Second, 5:1 ratio electrolyte replenish, you know that when your body runs out of water due to sweat, it leads to dehydration resulting in your low-level performance. best water enhancer 2020

In that case 5:1 ratio of sodium to potassium electrolyte mix is helpful in the uptake of water, immediately; that results in rehydration. Third, the 5 Vitamin Catalyst Enhancer; it has the ability to do the work of what the 5 minerals would do altogether. The same helps the body release the stored energy, which, you need the most while playing a sport or during work-out. 


  • Good for rehydration.
  • Helps body release energy.


  • Expensive for beginners.
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6. Boldfit Hydra Blend Energy Powder & Electrolyte isotonic Sports Drink Mix

Boldfit Hydra Blend Energy Powder & Electrolyte isotonic Sports Drink Mix
Boldfit Hydra Blend Energy Powder & Electrolyte isotonic Sports Drink Mix

Considered as a fastest and most effective energy drink, has also been recommended as the best in the taste; specifically orange flavour. Made of natural ingredients like non-gmo, the same is also known for being gluten-free.

The brand promises to work as the best drink for one while playing or working out. One of the prominent features of the drink is, Isotonic Formula, which is called the complete balance of minerals like glucose, buffers and electrolytes, that are known to get absorbed quickly and effectively, resulting in rehydration, causing no gastric discomfort.

Also, known as perfect for athletes, generally runners, bikers and workout freaks have been seen using the energy powder as it gives instant energy causing no harm later. Apart from sportspeople or people working out; the energy drink powder is even good and healthy for daily use. People suffering from muscle cramps, hot temperatures must take the drink, even for people, looking out for drinks that are good for a remedy for hangovers; this is the one for you!  


  • Gluten-free.
  • Good for daily use.


  • Not good for sugar patients
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         7. Stur-Classic Variety Pack, Natural Water Enhancer

Stur - Classic Variety Pack, Natural Water Enhancer (5 Bottles, Makes 100 Flavored Waters) - Sugar Free, Zero Calories, Kosher, Keto Friendly Liquid Drink Mix Sweetened with Stevia

The brand offers 5 tasty flavours; Fruit Punch, Strawberry Watermelon, Orange Mango, Pomegranate Cranberry and Blue & Blackberry, all much liked by the customers. The natural water enhancer is famous among people using water enhancers as the same comes with Zero Sugar and Zero Calories. Many people opt this water enhancer jut by the way it looks even! It is so appealing and coming with different tastes makes people want it even more. Another striking feature, the naturalist one, the drink mix does not add any sugar or a chemical, the product you get is completely extracted from the juices of fruits and vegetables. It is kind of Ayurvedic drink, natural and Healthy! best water enhancer 2020

The product is easy to use, convenient to carry and it has all the benefits that one needs while looking for a water enhancer!  


  • Zero calories
  • Made from natural juices


  • Addictive
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Why water enhancers are important today?

Water Enhancers have grown popularity from some years; there are so many factors behind it. A growing number of competition in sports and everyday life, people often want to invest in things that would somehow improve their performance and efficiency. Moreover, people do not realize but drinking water is a must for body and dehydration is a serious issue, it might lead you to some serious health issues, any time. We know what water does to our body, it keeps us alive, and we do not take care enough regarding our body and health. 🙂

When people work-out, their body releases a lot of water in the form of sweat; that is exactly the time when our body requires water. People today have become dependent upon technology for every minute thing in their lives, getting involved in it and not taking care of our health, and we cannot help it even! So we can only help ourselves by taking all the measures that may help us live better. Water enhancers, today, are recommended by health bloggers, fitness freaks, sportspeople, as they have been beneficial for them and would continue to do so.

All we need to do is; select one such water enhancer that suites our body type and fits with it! Water enhancers will do what strong minerals can do, so they can be a real lifesaver for you if you care about your physical health.

Some preventive measures while taking water enhancers-

  • Do make sure you do not become addict to any water enhancer as they are just needed when you play sports or do workout; the reason being some water enhancers are too powerful and they might affect your body adversely. 
  • Do follow the instructions given on the box/bottle of the water enhancer; it might brief you regarding the intake you must take for one time.
  • Keep the water enhancers away from children, as it is sweet in taste, children may become addict to it.


Are you facing any issue while selecting one? Well, that is a very common issue most of our readers face! We try to present to you the best of everything that we present to you and select some of the best water enhancers that are recommended by sportspeople and workout junkies! A to serve you with our articles relating to sports and how you can maintain your health. Hope this article was a real help for you! Thank you, readers! best water enhancer 2020

Best water enhancer 2019
Best water enhancer 2019

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are few FAQs people generally do ask regarding water enhancers-

Q-1) Are water enhancers necessary for sportspeople or the people who work-out?

A) No, not necessary, but they are recommended as they raise the energy level of the people who work out or play any sport. There are no side-effects of branded water enhancers as they come with 100% quality assurance. 

Q-2) Why should I use water enhancers?

A) If you aim to perform better in day to day life, while playing any sport or doing work-out, you should make use of water enhancers as they provide you instant energy that is much needed by your body when you release water in the form of sweat. 

Q-3) Do water enhancers have any chemicals?

A) Yes, some water enhancers have chemicals. But many brands claim that they do not have any chemicals in their water enhancers. If you are concerned regarding quality and chemicals; you may go for the above-suggested water enhancers.

Q-4) Are water enhancers healthy in nature?

A) Yes, the branded water enhancers are indeed healthy in nature and do no harm to your body. You must use them, in case, you wish to perform better at playing sports or working out. 

Q-5) Is stur water enhancer safe?

A) Yes, the stur water is safe; there is no single reason to call it unsafe. You may check the manufacturing date while purchasing one, that’s the only concern.

Keep drinking water and start getting fit for better sports like Basketball & Football.


best water enhancer 2020!

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