Best Basketball Shoes In 2020 That You Shouldn’t Miss


Best basketball shoes in 2020
Best basketball shoes in 2020

Choosing the finest basketball shoes for your sport may prove to be the greatest difference between winning and losing. To decide which one is the best for you is not as problematic as it may seem at first. You must keep in mind a lot of things to consider when making the verdict. You need a shoe that supports your foot, keeps your feet comfortable and gives you the correct amount of traction to prevent slipping and falling on the court. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

We look at numerous different basketball shoes on the internet. The sole of your sneaker should be wide spreading in order to give you the stability you essentially require and help you prevent yourself from rolling or hurting your ankle. If you are playing outdoor basketball, guarantee that the sole of the sneaker is a bit heavier and thicker than its indoor counterpart to provide for the rougher and more irregular surfaces you will be playing on! Let’s have a look at the best basketball shoes that may help you take your passion to the next level.

NameProsConsWhere to get?
Adidas Performance Men's Crazy ExplosiveResponsive CushioningHard to break in
Puma Clyde Court Disrupt
BreathableTightens the foot

Nike Kyrie 4
Zoom Air CushioningLess breathable
Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam
Perforations for extra ventilationNot good for flat feet

Nike Men's Hyperdunk

Phylon midsoleThick sole

Nike- Zoom KD 9 Elite TS
Flyknit constructionLess breathable

Under Armour Jet
Rubber casesWraps the foot tightly

Nike Jordan 11

Supportive for ankleExpensive
Puma Uproar Charlotte
LightweightThick sole

Under Armour Curry 5
Enough lateral supportGummier texture

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive
Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

The Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive basketball shoe is a high energy, performance shoe that comes with exceptionally responsive cushioning in order to ensure ease and speed when playing. The Primeknit Xeno upper is not just light-weighted but also tremendously contented and breathable, that allows excessive airflow to keep your feet cool and dry while playing.

 The lace arrangement on the shoe wraps the complete foot to relieve the pressure on the arches and the heel lace system with a moulded heel piece tress your foot down into the shoe to guarantee that there is no chance for slipping. The textile inner lining of the shoe is extremely relaxed and the mesh tongue results to the breathability of the shoe. Best basketball shoes in 2020

These basketball shoes also has a tinted translucent rubber over boost midsole, that wraps around the midsole to improve the traction and ease of the shoe. The rubber sole of the shoe will offer you exceptional traction and, ensures that you can move speedily around, cutting and weaving without any fear of sliding or falling.

The Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive basketball shoe is undoubtedly a high-performance basketball shoe for all the sportspeople those who want to take their game to a higher level. Excellent breathability with a Primeknit upper and mesh tongue, superb support, and lockdown gives a great steadiness to the shoe. Rubber sole and wrap up midsole provide a great support as well as excellent traction.


  • Responsive Cushioning that ensures ease and speed.
  • Contended and Breathable.


  • The midsole may be an issue for flat feet.
  • Hard to break-in.

2. Puma Clyde Court Disrupt

Puma’s first basketball sneaker in almost 20 years has arrived in form of Puma Clyde Court Disrupt and it’s indeed an eye-catcher! The traction of the shoe is inspired by the innovative Clyde sneaker and takes a while to break in and could offer more reliability. The foam-based cushioning is extremely contented and comes with a nice mix of openness and impact protection. One of the excellent features of this shoe is that it’s good-looking that attracts the buyer.

Moreover, it’s quite comfortable that allows you to feel free from any kind of uneasiness, it also comes with a very supportive knit upper.

The best feature is that the shoe has an excellent design and panache. The vibrant colour of this shoe is enough to attract you! These shoes are highly commended for their traction, cushion and support. Overall, the Puma Clyde Court Disrupt is a very solid shoe that brings a breath of fresh air into the world of performance basketball shoes. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

The consensus is that the shoe has a very agreeable design and style. The Lebron XI is known for great traction, it is contented, and is very breathable. It is very important that the shoe is breathable because this makes sure your feet don’t sweat much in the shoe. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

Hopefully, this deal is a must for all the basketball lovers! Personally, I think that the shoe is augmented to tighten the grip of the shoe on your ankle, however, everyone is entitled to their own view.


  • Great traction and is breathable
  • Excellent design and panache


  • Expensive for beginners
  • Tightens foot too much

3. Nike Kyrie 4


The hottest name on the streetball courts has flowed ahead and built on its extremely successful debut of the Kyrie line. One thing to be noted is that the shoe is inspired by the uniqueness and speed of superstar guard and NBA Champion Kyrie Irving, these shoes are designed in order to help players change direction quickly. The designing of the shoe further helps the players to take advantage of their brilliant light-weighted structure. Also, to implement deadly crossovers and spin moves that leave your defender looking awe-struck, you will want a lightweight shoe with enough sustenance to your ankle apart. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

One should look no further than the Kyrie 4s if you require a lightweight shoe and quick vicissitudes of direction. The shoe comes with a combination of Flywire, Zoom Air cushioning and what not! Some people who experienced the Kyrie 4 recommended alteration of the laces. The laces of the shoe are very tight originally and restrict good circulation. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

That’s the reason why some people claim that the breathability of the shoe is not up to the mark. We strongly recommend that the breathability of the shoe is extremely important if one is playing for a longer time. However, the shoe comes with excellent features which make it different in many terms. The shoe needs to be upgraded in order to provide players’ foot genuine comfort that allows their foot to breathe and, disallow the foul odour to ruin the shoe.

The shoe is also by default very narrow. The Kyrie 4 is undoubtedly a phenomenal shoe for playing outside as well. The
traction is multipurpose and will work just as well on the roadway as it does on the hardwood.


  • Combination of Flywire and Zoom Air Cushioning.
  • Deadly Crossovers.


  • Alteration of laces needed.
  • Not enough breathable.

4. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam

Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam
Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam

If one is looking for a reasonably priced basketball shoe that comes with all the important features that let you reach at the top of your game when taking to the court. Ease, support, and stability define the Performance Men’s Cloudfoam. The upper is leather and fabric is extremely lightweight that helps you play without caring about any unease. These are high top basketball shoes that have perforations for some sort of extra ventilation. The synthetic wraps on these shoes are undoubtedly lightweight.

The designing of the shoe is done to lock your foot in for additional stability, thus, providing great ankle sustenance. The cloth of the shoe keeps your foot cool and dry while walking or playing, it will also mould around your foot to keep them not only comfortable but entirely support the foot and ankle to move quickly and provides stability.

The charged cushioning not only absorbs the shock from the impact of the basketball shoe when landing and translating it into energy that gives you great speed on the court. One of the most striking features of this basketball shoe is the Cloudfoam sock liner along with a midsole. This feature offers lightweight cushioning that keeps your foot stay comfortable and secure.

The rubber outsole has wonderful traction that provides you with an excellent grip on any surface. The Adidas Performance Men’s
Cloudfoam comes with a great price and you cannot afford to miss this shoe for its extraordinary features!
The shoe is ultra-comfortable and breathable, that allows the player to feel secure and keeps the foot dry and cool throughout the game! Best basketball shoes in 2020.

When we talk about the other features, specifically the Cloudfoam sockliner and midsole, it provides great support to the foot and ankle, keeping it firm and helps the player to make quick variations in the directions.

The memory foam footbed, an upper tongue and collar allows an exceptional airflow, keeping the feet cool and sweat-free. The rubber outsole offers you the traction to enable you to lift your game to the highest level and perform with great energy.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Perforations for extra ventilation.


  • Tightens up your foot.
  • Not good for flat feet.

5. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk
Nike Men’s Hyperdunk

These are mid-top basketball shoes that offer comfort, support, and stability without confining the movement of the foot in any manner and allow you to breeze around the court getting past your challenges with extreme comfort. Flywire cables integrate with the laces in order to lock your foot down and keep it unchanging in the basketball shoe during the time you play! The inoculated Phylon midsole provides a whole new level of lenient cushioning to absorb the high impression when you’re playing.

This basketball shoe is one of the utmost basketball shoes if one looks out for comfort, support, and stability. Traction is provided by the rubber sole with a herringbone tread pattern, that allows the player to move rapidly and easily with multi-directional movement. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

This is an excessive basketball shoe that offers you everything you need to be able to take your game to a higher level. The Nike Men’s Hyperdunk is no doubt comfortable, stylish, stable and supportive, it also gives you Nike’s supreme level quality, shared with the Nike Zoom Air Units for eventual comfort and sustenance.

The exotic pattern of the shoe offers multi-directional movement for incomparable grip to the player on the courts. The Flywire cables which assimilate with the laces very nicely provide lockdown to protect your foot in the basketball shoe that’s also wide-spreading and allows your foot to feel the immense comfort and ease.


  • Inoculated Phylon Midsole ensures lenient cushioning.
  • Rubber sole.


  • Not good for narrow feet.
  • Thick sole.

6. Nike – Zoom KD 9 Elite TS

Nike – Zoom KD 9 Elite TS
Nike – Zoom KD 9 Elite TS

This basketball shoe comes with excellent features like a ¾ silhouette, the first in the KD signature line to do so. The shoe is
undoubtedly durable, comfortable and enormously supportive. One of the most striking features of the shoe is that it is quite flexible that allows the player to make quick movements in different directions while playing.

The shoe stands elite for all the players who wish to take their game up to a higher level. The fly knit construction of the merchandise is pliable and flexible with flex grooves which move in coordination with your foot to provide definitive support and stability.

The midfoot cage perfectly locks your foot down into it that keeps your foot firm enough to feel secure. The Zoom Air midsole that is easily visible, offers excellent responsive and soft cushioning. The beauty of the shoe is that it attracts the players and, multi-directional traction patterns on the rubber outsole offers you the durability that you seek in a great basketball sneaker. It is but obvious that a brilliant grip on any surface is required to outshine as a player and it also allows you to play at speed with extreme confidence.

A tremendously lightweight, responsive product that moves with your foot to provide ultimate support, stability, and comfort when hitting the courts to shoot some brilliant hoops. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

A superlative sneaker with a fly knit construction which is stretchy and comfortable and with a unique ¾ silhouette, this shoe is one of the best KD signature shoes presented by Nike. Flex grooves on the midsole along with Zoom Air and midfoot cage, the player gets the stability and comfort that is essential to play well at the court! Multi-directional tractions surely give you a great grip over any surface that allows the player to play fearlessly and with utmost confidence.


  • Flyknit Construction
  • Zoom Air midsole


  • Hard to break in
  • Not enough breathable

7. Under Armour Jet

Under Armour Jet
Under Armour Jet

The Under Armour Jet is undoubtedly a super-exciting shoe that attracts the players. If you are wanting to make a financially sound decision as well as if you aim to avoid sacrificing your court style, The Under Armour Jet model is a great choice. The shoe has a very smooth design and comes in four different colour combinations. This is a highly rated shoe, so you don’t need to worry about your ankle on a malicious crossover while playing. The Jet is widely acclaimed for its comfort, fine attractive colours, traction, and breathability as well. The breathability is specifically interesting as it will help you avoid exhaustion and keep your shoes smelling fresh and keeps foul odour away. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

The designing of the shoe is done in such a manner that it offers more padding and comfort around the heel area which takes a lot of punishment during a game and the charged cushioning will transform that impact into energy to give you the boost that you need while playing with the opponents.

The sole of the shoe offers the traction you necessitate to prevent yourself from slipping, skidding or falling during play and will let you move with ease and confidence as you fearlessly weave around your adversaries. The rubber cases allow for a great variety of motion and incomparable durability.

A rubber sole with multi-directional traction and an extra-ordinary patterning provides you with outstanding grip on the court and it allows you to move freely and heroically and make your challengers envy you. The soft cushioning gives you a very easy-going and bouncy ride when playing in the court and the full inner sleeve wraps your foot firmly and the wedge carrier foam support supports the ankle and stops pronation.


  • Great traction and breathable
  • Rubber cases


  • Highly-priced
  • Wraps the foot tightly

8. Nike Jordan 11

When we talk about the best basketball shoes all over the world, Nike Jordan 11 makes its place supremely in the market. The shoe is extensively observed as one of the serenest basketball shoes of all time. These shoes aren’t just one of the most remarkably designed basketball shoes of all time, but they also make quite an excellent performing shoe, when compared to other kinds of shoes. Many sneakerheads may flinch seeing these played in on the court but they can be very good for basketball playing purposes as well. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

The reason being, the shoe is wide-spreader and is considered as one of the most breathable shoes. The ventilation in the Jordan 11s was game-changing for its time and remains today to be in the elite class of finest breathable shoes. The 11s are well known for their supportive substantial and their mid-high-top design will be very supportive for your ankle and light enough to avoid robbing you of that explosiveness you have been hitting the gym so hard to obtain. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

The 11s has an extremely supportive material along with good traction. Obviously, these shoes are very, very expensive but worthy in every manner. These shoes are not easily available, so if you find one pair, in case, consider yourself to be lucky among all. The Jordan 11 has been a very popular performance choice for a long time. The shoe is one of the most multipurpose shoes made by Nike and is heated by its lightweight, responsiveness, and quick sustenance. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

The Jordan 11 continues the tradition of usual technology that defines Nike shoes and astronomical performance. The Jordan 11 is a shoe technology beast awarding herringbone patterns to offer traction for multidirectional movement. The high-top design is sure to keep your ankle steady as you cross over and challenge your opponents.


  • Finest Breathable shoe
  • Supportive for ankle


  • Very expensive
  • No easily available

9. PUMA Uproar Charlotte. (currently oos on amazon)

PUMA Uproar Charlotte
PUMA Uproar Charlotte

Puma, coming up with excellent shoe styles acclaims to have the best basketball shoe- Puma Uproar Charlotte. The shoe is found as a super-light sneaker that offers a lockdown fit, with enough cushion to keep the feet relaxed on the hardwood. The ones
experiencing the extremely well-designed shoe feel that Charlotte is quite light and noninterventionist, letting you raise
with ease, but still manages to offer cushioning on landings and adequate ankle support to make you feel comfortable while
changing direction while playing your challengers.

Charlotte is definitely a basketball shoe that will boost your game and give you a unbounded supply of energy with its energy-returning properties, that you require immensely. This low top basketball shoe offers superb relief, stability, and traction to allow you to take your game to a higher level. The designing of the shoe not only looks good but is breathable and comfortable as well, conforming to your foot, the textile lining and back collar insert add to the comfort levels of the product, making it one of the best shoes in the market.

Stability is achieved with the greater midfoot which locks down your foot and provides stability to make it comfortable in every sense. The rubber sole bids you some of the best traction and grip on any surface, that allows you to make your moves on the court with ease and confidence.

Overall, this product offers all the features that a great basketball shoe should have. One more striking feature is that it is incredibly lightweight, it will help you to perform better when taking to the courts and playing your opponents. A grippy sole concludes an underrated package that won’t disturb your wallet, either. Affordable price with great designing and extremely superb comfort, what else one wants?


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable while changing directions


  • Greater midfoot
  • Thick sole

10. Under Armour Curry 5

Under Armour Curry 5
Under Armour Curry 5

These shoes are considered amongst the most contented and best basketball shoes in the market. The charismatic stylishness of Steph Curry requires him to be comfortable doing all sorts of things. These shoes are not suitable for explosive jumping and if you are a very strong player, you may slash these shoes after a couple of months of buying. We like the herringbone traction present in the sole, and the Curry 5 has a slightly “gummier” texture when compared to its previous varieties. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

If the court is high-pitched clean, you’re lucky enough! If it’s dusty, you’ll be seen wiping the soles every trip up the court, which becomes infuriating! The EVA cushioning is satisfactory though unspectacular. Most players won’t feel any real exhaustion or
pain, but there’s no special “cushiony-soft” feel either. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

An inner sock made of elastic, knit material donates to a pretty decent comfort level.  We found that the arch of the foot hardly touched the insole because of the compression quality of the inner sock. The last lace holes on the shoe inclined to pull our feet downward rather than into the heel which made for a looser fit around the heel and made it feel like we could pull our foot out of the shoe without too much distress even tied tight. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

That’s not the best lacing situation! The other issue one of our guys had was that a seam on top of the arch of your foot can cause some embarrassment. The consensus was to go up a size which added comfort but worsened the tight fit. They just don’t feel super protected. Best basketball shoes in 2020.

Having said all that about the sole, lacing and fit, we must be fair and say that this shoe is satisfactory to get the work done.  There’s enough lateral support for most players and the weight is awesome! Nice ‘n light. They look exciting and perform excellent overall.


  • Inner sock made of rubber
  • Enough lateral support


  • Gummier texture
  • Not good for high jumps
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A good basketball shoe is not just a sneaker you play in, it helps you to progress your game on the court, and take it to the higher level. Choosing the accurate shoe, with the comfort, support, stability, and style that you need, will make your performance all different on the court. The superlative performance basketball shoe is determined by your individual likings and needs. Knowing your style of playing only then you will be able to decide which one will serve your purpose on the court. The traction that the product offers and the breathability of the product are major points to be considered. The weight of the shoe also plays a key role and the style of the sneaker that you chose will have an impact on the

Having the unsurpassed basketball sneaker is not definite to make you play like a pro, but it will definitely improve your comfort
points, stability, grip, and support that you get from the sneaker which allows you to concentrate on your distinction and take it to the next level. Buying the right sneaker is imperious if you are serious about improving your gaming performance. Style, fit,
traction, comfort and support and breathability are the influences that have utmost importance in a basketball sneaker.


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