Searching for a basketball shoe that perfectly fits your wide feet and gives it a comfort while you play has always been a tough task for you. As the trend in basketball shoes keeps on changing, it becomes a real pain for you to find a shoe that goes with regular wide feet, without having to compromise over it. Basketball Shoes Wide feets continue reading the article..

As per the trends, people specifically look out for narrow-designed shoes that fit with the feet of the players and give it a firm grip; resulting in the manufacturing of narrow structured shoes. 

best basketball shoes for wide feets
best basketball shoes for wide feets

 Well, particularly the trends do not comply with your requirements, however, the shoe industry, over the years has specifically recognized the pain of people with wide feet and they have been offering some amazing shoes that are designed especially for your use. While you lookout for ‘your type of basketball shoe’, you will be curious regarding the arch support, stability control, wider space and a lot of things. Apart from basic features, one should be keen to learn about the technical advantages a specific shoe designed for wide feet, is willing to offer. 

The problem that you have been facing for long has been resolved, now it is easy for you to select the best shoe that fits with your wide feet and offers it great ease while you play your favourite sport. Presenting you top 7 Basketball shoes that do not compromise with your comfort.

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NameProsConsWhere to get?
Puma Clyde CourtNRGY & IGNITE cushionsUnreliable traction
Under Armour Drive 4Supreme quality materialNo long run
Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation ShoesAdidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Shoes Available in various width sizesInflexible upper
Nike Lebron XIV Flexible movementsHeavyweight
Adidas Men's Cf IgnitionHigh quality insolesLess breathable
Adidas D Lillard 2.0Thick rubber soleClose fitted
Nike Hyperdunks
BreathableStiffer react foam


  1. Puma Clyde Court Basketball Shoes

The brand offers lustrous silhouette and phenomenon colours with this shoe, an eye-catchy shoe definitely does justice with your wide feet as it is designed especially for it, by a legend in Basketball, Walt Clyde Frazier. Adding to its features, the shoe is technically developed for wide feet and evenly bids comfortable experience for you. Moreover, it has already been in high demand for the past few days.

Product Highlight


  • The sock-like collar has been engineered with a motive to offer flexibility to your ankle by supporting it.
  • For a comfortable experience, fully knitted upper is fitted within the shoe.
  • Structured for easy slip-on.
  • Midsole foam cushioning based on HYBRID design offers great relaxation to the player.
  • A secure sure-footed relaxation is felt by the players with the help of an external heel counter.

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  • Technical designing of the shoe is an interesting feature that attracts most of the buyers. 
  • The combination of NRGY and IGNITE cushions which offers great relaxation to feet is yet another reason to love the shoe.



  • The shoe could have been more advantageous by the way of addition in engineered structure, like thin heel cage that makes it comfortable for players to take twists and turns rapidly.
  • The colour options with this shoe are limited.



Here are a few pros and cons that may help you-

1. Designing is eye-catchy

2. Inordinate Upper Materials

1. Unreliable Traction

2. Less color options


  1. Under Armour Drive 4

One of the best basketball shoes for wide feet, this one is the 4th generation sneaker, known for its better performance over all the previous models of the brand. The shoe is doing a phenomenon job with the help of its traction; that is an alarming signal for all the other brands offering shoes for wider feet. Since its grooves are firm and stable enough to last long for people facing issues with their wider feet, this shoe is a perfect pick for you!

Product Highlight

  • The internal structure of the shoe offers a breathable feature along with a lightweight textile upper.
  • Moulded ankle collar and especially the booty construction allows the player to experience ease while turning, thus, protecting the ankle from twisting and spraining.
  • Cushioning and support is ensured with Die-cut EVA sockliner.
  • Firm cushioning that enables the wide feet to hold a grip is because of Exposed Micro G heel unit.
  • One of the striking features, herringbone traction pattern enables the player’s feet to hold a grip on the ground and have complete control with the help of full rubber outsole.

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The good-

  • The material used in the shoe is of supreme quality.
  • Cushioning of the shoe is done entirely to support wider feet.


The bad-

  • The upper is very tightly weaned up that sometimes becomes discomforting for the player to run fiercely. 
  • The laces of the shoe are not long enough, another reason for discomfort.



Here are a few pros and cons that may help you-

1. Reasonably priced shoe.

2. Can be used for weightlifting as well. 

1. Not very good in terms of running.

2. External heel counter dugs the player’s skin


  1. Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Shoes

Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Shoes
Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Shoes

Indeed a modern era basketball shoe designed for the wider feet and provides immense comfort to the player while he aims to hit a basket or restrict one to do so! If you are looking for a shoe that gives you comfort and allows you to excel while playing your favourite sport, you have resorted to the perfect shoe, having all the features that you specifically require.

Coming with a quality budget, your wider feet would not compromise with support and stability to the ankle, while you wear this basketball shoe.

Product Highlight

  • Lace closure and a supreme quality mesh upper have made it easy for the players to maintain balance and durability. 
  • The rubber sole of the shoe is abrasion-free and slip-resistant, yet another striking feature.
  • Traction is observed as good, which attracts buyers.
  • Cushioning is soft and adjustable, making it easy for the players to take turns while on the court.
  • Comes with a Ventilation Cloudfoam Ilation Mid; that offers various perforations that are present on the front and sides of the shoe.

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The good-

  • The brand offers various colours and stylish design with this shoe.
  • The shoe is immensely light, making it easier for the players to play on the court with ease. 

The bad-

  • The outsole of the shoe is not good terms of quality, it peels off and gets apart easily.
  • The upper made up of leather has been observed as a bit inflexible, which might not suit everyone.


Here are a few pros and cons that may help you-

1. The shoe is available in various width sizes.

2. Reasonable in price.

1. Upper is a bit inflexible. 

2. Lace may break soon after wearing it.


  1. Nike Lebron XIV Basketball Shoes

Nike Lebron XIV Low Mens Basketball Shoes

Lebron 14 is a perfect combination of power and speed, which is indeed its USP. The shoe is lighter, faster and stronger by all means; that offers the players to experience a fierce play. The shoe is perfect for the people with wider feet as it offers great space within, easily adjustable and soft cushioning makes it even more alluring for the buyers. The shoe is designed in such a manner that it perfectly fits with your foot size, allowing no discomfort while you play.

Product Highlight

  • The dynamic lockdown feature offers a wide midfoot strap that spreads the force while playing or running, ensuring stability.
  • Ultimate responsiveness of the shoe is due to its soft cushioning that maximizes the power of each step one takes.
  • The shoe is extremely comfortable, making it easy for the player to take turns and move rapidly without any feeling of heaviness.
  • The perforated upper of the shoe is engineered in a manner that it offers breathability along with flexibility and support.
  • Comes with great impact protection, which is an outstanding feature.

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The good-

  • The material of the complete shoe is soft which allows flexible movements.
  • Soles are made of supreme quality rubber that allows the player to hold a firm grip over the ground.


The bad-

  • The heel of the shoe is immensely thick, in comparison to other ones that are best suited for wide feet.
  • Not for beginners as the shoe is quite expensive.



Here are a few pros and cons that may help you-

1. Fit with the wide feet perfectly

2. Extremely attractive and comfortable

1. Quite costly

2. Heavy, weighs around 14.09 oz.


  1. Adidas Men’s Cf Ignition

Yet another great shoe offered by Adidas, generally preferred by people with wider feet; it is indeed, best basketball shoe for wide feet. The cushioning system of the shoe entirely based on the Elation’s design. A breathable shoe, allowing players to feel the comfort and easiness while on the court, this shoe is a perfect pick for even beginners.

The extra space within the shoe is specifically designed for the wide feet and people who do regular and long practices love this shoe.

Product Highlight


  • Aesthetic of the shoe is generally called a Street-tech style.
  • The brand offers white, black, red, blue, navy and grey colours with this shoe model.
  • Synthetic heel overlay for great stability.
  • High-quality insoles for firm grip over the court.
  • Padded collar and tongue for great comfort level.



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The good-

  • The shoe is not very expensive and can be used for dual purposes- gym and sport.
  • Extremely comfortable for wide feet.

The bad-

  • Not all the sizes of the shoe fit perfectly with the wide feet.
  • The sole of the shoe does not offer a firm grip on the court.



Here are a few pros and cons that may help you-

1. Can be used for gym

2. Extra toe space for wide feet

1. Less breathability

2. Priced high


  1. Adidas D Lillard 2.0

Designed for people with wide feet, this masterpiece by Adidas ensures extra forefoot support and stable support to your ankles. Offering high-cut-style with a shoe, the brand makes sure it does not disappoint its customers on the terms of breathability. The shoe’s material is a perfect combination of Adidas’ primeknit and supreme quality leather. The shoe is a perfect choice for players with wide feet as great forefoot support is provided that allows one to run without a feel of compactness.  Basketball Shoes Wide feets

Product Highlight

  • A combination of high synthetic fabric and mesh is offered for breathability.
  • The cushioning is good and comfortable.
  • The padded collar is provided for improving speed.
  • Thick rubber sole enables the wearer to hold a firm grip over the court.
  • With a unique textile lining and non-marking outsole delivers ultimate comfort.

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The good-

  • The thick rubber sole is best for comfort and support on the ground.
  • The upper is made of synthetic fabric that offers maximum resistance to the surface. 

The bad-

  • The rubber sole is quite thick.
  • Does not serve any other purpose other than playing basketball.


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Here are a few pros and cons that may help you-

1. Excellent Cushioning

2. Speed and Flexibility

1. Stiffer to put on, close-fitted

2. Specific for indoor plays


  1. Nike Hyperdunks

Gained popularity as soon as they entered the market, it is a revolutionary shoe, acclaimed by the Nike itself. Counted one among the series of silhouettes, Nike did a deep work in the design and style of the shoe. The appearance of the shoe is basically the mixture of designs of the previous models in the series. Basketball Shoes Wide feets

The reason why you should prefer buying the shoe is its Flywire lock-down system in the laces that gives your wide feet a great sense of comfort and ease. Basketball Shoes Wide feets

Product Highlight

  • It has a rubber outsole and enabled with zoom air cushioning in the heels.
  • The latest React Technology is used for the formation of the midsole.
  • Has the ability to suffer any pressure due to great breathability.
  • Comes with a size chart, making it easy for people with wider feet to select the best for them.
  • Not close-fitted in nature.

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The good-

  • The shoe is quite stable and provides utmost comfort to the ankles.
  • The shoe is extremely alluring in terms of looks.


The bad-

  • The paint that has been used in the logo gets scratched away soon.
  • Basketball players with wider feet face issues due to less ankle support.
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Here are a few pros and cons that may help you-

1. Priced Reasonably

2. Breathability assurance

1. The outsole is not long-lasting

2. Stiffer React foam


Things to keep in mind while buying a Basketball Shoe for wide feet:

basketball shoes for wide feets
basketball shoes for wide feets
  1. Stretchy Upper Material

Every shoe has its own designing and fabric material which makes it unique in its own manner. Having wider feet, one must not prefer synthetic or mush leather as it somehow restricts your speed and performance on the court. Instead, preferring a stretchy material, be it in the form of a woven will or a knit; would do great justice to your wide feet while playing basketball. One must play great focus upon shoes that are not narrow in nature, as wide feet do not get along with narrow-structured shoes. 

  1. Outer Soles

The appearance of the sole is a quick choice-maker for many wide-footers. Just to be sure that you are buying the right shoe for your wide feet, you must keenly look at the traction pattern of the shoe, it must look larger in comparison to regular basketball shoes. The sports shoes brands have shifted their focus primarily on the traction pattern of the shoes as it tells a lot about the shoe and one can easily depict what comfort a particular shoe may offer to them. Basketball Shoes Wide feets

After reading these two guides, you must be relaxed to learn tricks while buying a perfect basketball shoe for your wide feet!

wide feet basketball shoes
wide feet basketball shoes


Q. Are hyperlinks suitable for my wide feet?

A. They may look narrow but are not so in nature, so yes, hyperlinks would fit well with your wide feet.

Q. Do basketball shoes come in wide?

A. Yes, a lot of brands have been offering basketball shoes with wide feet for a long time, specially designed for wide-footers.

Q. Are Lebron 14 better than Lebron 16 for wide feet?

A. Yes, as per critics, Lebron 14 is far better than Lebron 16 in terms of giving comfort to wide feet. Just be sure about the shoe size you choose.

Q. What to look for while buying basketball shoe for wide feet?

A. The traction pattern and material used in the upper.

Q. What brands offer good basketball shoes for wide feet?

A. Many renowned sports shoe brand does offer basketball shoes for wide feet, but Adidas and Nike are counted as best.


There you go! Hope your search or a perfect basketball shoe for your wide feet ends here. You must be clear regarding the specifications that you look for, it would have made your job quite easier. Each shoe has its own flaws and benefits; you just have to go for the one that suits best to you, in terms of comfort and terrific performance on the basketball court. All the shoes discussed above have been thoroughly studied and it has been observed that they do serve your purpose, fitting well with your wide feet. The brands have specifically designed them keeping in mind, wide-footers can also wear them and excel in their performance over and again!  

Basketball Shoes Wide feets


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