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best baseball gloves

Also known as baseball mitt, a baseball glove is a leather glove that is worn by the baseball players while they’re defending their team during the play. The gloves help the players in assisting while they’re up for catching and fielding the balls that either the baseball batter hits or their teammates throw. With the pace of time, the baseball gloves are considered as core equipment under the baseball sport. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews.

Interestingly, the baseball glove is considered as equipment under the baseball sport that is designated by the handedness of the fielder, pitcher or catcher; who wears it. It is, however, not something that a player just wears during the play. Gloves are of two types, basically for right-hand-throw and left-hand-throw, worn by the right-handed and left-handed players respectively. 

Counted as one of the equipment used in playing baseball match, baseball gloves are indeed an important thing to wear for comfort as well as protection. One needs to focus upon a lot of things while choosing one baseball glove as comfort and protection are two things one cannot take for granted while playing any game. 

Here are the top 10 baseball gloves that are recommended by the experts for a great experience during the play. 

NameSize & Designed forFeaturesWhere to get?
1. Rawlings Heart of The Hide Glove12.5 inches
-Pro H Open Pattern
-USA Horween Leather
2. Under Armour UACM-100 Baseball Catching Mitt33.5 inches
-Closed web designed
-Synthetic blend leather material
3. Wilson A900 Baseball Glove 34 inches
Right-hand & left-hand throw
-Double palm construction
-Fully leather made
4. Wilson Showtime Series Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitt34 inches
-Double palm construction
-Fully leather made
5. Under Armour Flawless Single Post Web Baseball Glove11.75 inches
-Complete leather construction
-Pittard's leather palm lining
6. Rawlings PRO3039-6CBFS-RH Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove12.75 inches
-Reasonably priced
-Finger Shift Technology

7. Bts Mizuno Classic Pro Soft GCP66S Baseball Glove11.75 inches
-Outline patch
-Throwback leather construction
8. Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Baseball Glove32 inches
-Complete leather construction
-Spiral lock web
9. Mizuno MVP Prime GXF50PSE6 Baseball Mitts12.5 inches
-Bio soft leather construction
-Durable lace
10. Wilson A2000 MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st Baseball Glove12 inches
Right-hand & left-hand throw
-Pro Stock Select Leather
-Drilex wrist lining


Best baseball gloves
Best baseball gloves
  1. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series
Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series

This baseball glove is surely a great presentation by the sports brand Rawlings. The baseball glove is significantly designed for the outfielders. Coming with Trap-Eze web design, the Heart of the Hide measures around 12.75 inches. Well, the fact that Horween Leather is used for the manufacturing of this glove; amazes most buyers and they easily fall prey to this baseball glove.

The glove is exceptionally designed for the outfielders; however, the infielders may also wear the glove. The supreme-quality design and structure of the glove do not fail to impress the buyers. Moreover, the brand offers various colours with this glove, allowing the purchasers to buy the perfect one for them.


  • Available in Black, Grey and Tan colours
  • The size of the glove is 12.5 inches
  • The webbing is based upon Pro H Open pattern
  • The material used is USA Horween Leather
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  1. Under Armour UACM-100 Baseball Catching Mitt

Under Armour UACM-100 Baseball Catching Mitt
Under Armour UACM-100 Baseball Catching Mitt

In order to ensure faster break in the ability to the players, the baseball glove is made up of tumbled palm leather. The glove is extremely durable while one plays wearing it. Weight of the baseball glove does play a huge role in the performance of the players, in that case; synthetic backing is done so that the glove becomes lightweight.

Further, to make sure the ball does not pop-out; deep pockets are designed over the gloves. The gloves are extremely comfortable as huge padding is done over it, significantly designed for protecting the players’ wrists and palms. Worn by catchers, the gloves also offer one-year manufacturing warranty.


  • The gloves are available in just grey colour.
  • The size of the glove is 33.5 inches.
  • The webbing is based on closed web design and open back pattern.
  • Either synthetic blend or leather material is used for manufacturing the glove.
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  1. Wilson A900 Baseball Glove 

Wilson A900 Baseball Glove 
Wilson A900 Baseball Glove

The gloves are designed for the right-hand throw and left-hand throw, these gloves are available in various sizes, however, an adult would go for size 34 inches glove. The full leather construction of the glove is an interesting feature of this glove as leather made gloves are counted as the best ones among all the others. 

Moving ahead, the double palm construction of the glove is enhanced on this glove that makes the brand somehow, different from other brands that are offering baseball gloves. The glove is extremely flexible, making it an easy job for the player to adjust it anytime instantly, as per the needs. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews


  • The gloves are available in dark brown and white colour.
  • The size of the glove is 34 inches.
  • Double Palm construction with low profile heel.
  • Complete leather material is used for manufacturing the glove.


  1. Wilson Showtime Series Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

Wilson Showtime Series Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitt
Wilson Showtime Series Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

This 34 inches adult baseball catcher’s mitt is surely a masterpiece by Wilson that one might not afford to miss. It has been observed that while purchasing a baseball glove, people are generally concerned regarding the comfort it is willing to offer, as catching task requires great amount of flexibility.

In terms of comfort, the glove is indeed a great choice for you being a baseball catcher. The full leather construction of the glove does not disappoint anyone wearing it as it offers great amount of flexibility and easiness. In order to reinforce the pocket, the brand made sure it adds on double palm construction to the glove. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews


  • The gloves are available in dark-brown color.
  • The size of the glove is 34 inches.
  • Double Palm construction with a feature to reinforce the pocket.
  • Complete leather material is used for the construction of the glove.
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  1. Under Armour Flawless Single Post Web Baseball Glove


This is definitely a promising baseball glove manufacturing glove, as, from time to time it has offered a variety of gloves that have been counted as best rated baseball gloves. Truly designed for infield purpose on the ground, the glove has its measure around 11.75 inches.

In order to give the glove structured support as well as look, rolled leather welting is enabled upon this glove. As 5% of Tanned Steer Hide, from Japan, has been used in the construction of this glove, makes it extremely comfortable for use. There is no doubt is you are looking for a long-term glove being an infielder, the It is a perfect choice for you. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews


  • The gloves are available in black color.
  • Designed for infielders and comes in 11.75 inches size.
  • Complete leather construction.
  • Great Pittard’s leather palm lining for extreme comfort level.
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  1. Rawlings PRO3039-6CBFS-RH Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove

Rawlings PRO3039-6CBFS-RH Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove
Rawlings PRO3039-6CBFS-RH Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove

A glove designed for the outfielders, its beauty often becomes one reason why the purchasers fall for this glove. In order to manufacture a glove that is extremely comfortable, durable, flexible and effective, Rawlings has put forward Finger Shift Technology with this glove. Well, taking in terms of price, one would be surprised to know that this presentation by Rawlings is reasonable too.

Technologically built with 5% of all the steer hides; in order to develop a glove that is rigid and flexible at the same time, this glove misses no chance to attract the outfielders. Moreover, if one looks out for a glove that is greatly advanced plus comes with a reasonable price, the experts suggest, Rawlings PRO3039-6CBFS-RH Heart of the Hide is a perfect pick up in that case.


  • Finger Shift Technology for flexibility and effectiveness.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Palm lining enhanced for greater protection.
  • Available is size 12.75 inches.


  1. Bts Mizuno Classic Pro Soft GCP66S Baseball Glove

 Bts Mizuno Classic Pro Soft GCP66S Baseball Glove
Bts Mizuno Classic Pro Soft GCP66S Baseball Glove

The brand offers 11.5 inches pattern in forms of this glove, with premium quality and attractive look. Counted as one of the most comfortable and flexible gloves, the brand owners firmly acclaim the series of the gloves is indeed incomparable. The gloves are offered in two colors, black and brown. 

The rugged and rich throwback leather has been made into use for the construction of this glove. In order to keep the glove in shape, pre-oiled leather is used that is but of course natural and works as a protective measure for the players. The palm liner of the baseball glove is duly soft that does not allow any kind of discomfort while playing. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews


  • Available in black and brown colors.
  • Throwback leather has been used for the construction of this glove.
  • Featured with an outline patch.
  • Comes in size 11.5 inches.


  1. Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Baseball Glove

Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Baseball Glove
Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Baseball Glove

Counted as one of the best Baseball Catcher’s glove, Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series is definitely giving tough competition to other baseball gloves manufacturing brands. Coming in size 32 inches, the gloves are extremely soft and comfortable for wearing. These are significantly designed for the catchers as one can easily adjust his palm and wrist instantly. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews

The spiral lock web of the glove is yet another significant feature that does not fail to gather interest of buyers. The supreme-quality glove is made up of full leather construction so that no compromise with the comfort of players is done. The deep pocket design is enabled in such a manner that it leads to immense protection and allows the players to gain control over the field.


  • Full-leather construction.
  • Available in brown and tan color.
  • The size of the glove is 32 inches.
  • Deep pocket and spiral lock web designed for protection.


  1. Mizuno MVP Prime GXF50PSE6 Baseball Mitts

Mizuno MVP Prime GXF50PSE6 Baseball Mitts
Mizuno MVP Prime GXF50PSE6 Baseball Mitts

Coming in three attractive colors, the baseball gloves are surely the ones you would fall for. Size 12.5 inches is offered with this glove and the manufacturers made sure there remains no loophole in construction of this extremely comfortable glove. The designing of the glove has been outlined as a closed back and barred open web. 

Having the ability to break in quickly, the logo adds on to the beauty of this baseball glove. In order to make you look a complete pro, the premium look of the glove allows you to stand out primly among all. The bio soft leather used in the glove is extremely smooth, perfectly balanced with oil and softness. Further, a firm control is enabled too, by the same means. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews


  • Construction of bio-soft leather.
  • Durable lace that makes it goes long-term.
  • Ability to break in quickly.
  • Available in three rich colors.


  1. Wilson A2000 MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st Baseball Glove

 Wilson A2000 MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st Baseball Glove
Wilson A2000 MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st Baseball Glove

A well-designed baseball glove measuring around 12 inches, Wilson A2000 MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st is a perfect pick-up choice for you. Technologically advanced with a double heel break design, the baseball glove is designed or right-hand and left-hand throw. Wilson is already a well-known brand when it comes to manufacturing baseball gloves. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews

Made up of Pro Stock Select Leather, this baseball glove is surely a long-term one, by all means. The attractive looking baseball glove ensures great amount of comfort and relaxation to the players while they’re wearing these gloves. Further, in order to keep the hand dry and cool, drilex wrist lining is enhanced upon this glove.


  • The size of the glove is 12 inches.
  • Technologically advanced with Pro Stock Select Leather.
  • Enhanced drilex wrist lining for keeping the hand dry.
  • Perfecting designed for throwing the baseball.




There are various kinds of baseball gloves that are worn by the baseball players for separate roles during the play. One can measure the baseball glove right from the top of the index finger that measures down the finger, to the inside of the pocket of the glove, finally measuring up to the heel of the baseball glove. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews

The different shapes and sizes of the glove are a totally different matter; it depends from glove to glove. Ranging between 9 inches to approximately 12.50 inches, a baseball glove around this size estimate, suits an adult baseball player. Have a look around the various kinds of baseball gloves that are worn by the defendant team, during the game-


  • Pitchers’ Gloves
Baseball Pitchers Gloves
Baseball Pitchers Gloves

The sports brands generally do offer 11.50- inches to 12- inches patterns under this gloves category. In order to allow the pitchers to hold a firm grip upon the ball from the batter’s side, the gloves are designed with opaque webbing that generally has a closed structure. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews


  • Infielders’ Gloves


Generally small in size, the infielders’ gloves are structured with the shallow pockets. In order to allow the fielders to remove the ball with comfort and then making an instant throw to a base, the shallow pockets are there on these kinds of gloves. These gloves have patterns that generally range in between 11-inches to 12-inches.


  • Outfielders’ Gloves
Outfielders’ Gloves
Outfielders’ Gloves

Having patterns ranging from 12-inches to approximately 12.75-inches, these gloves have an entirely different pattern from that of infielders’ gloves. Designed to have deep pockets, these gloves are generally long in comparison to the other gloves. The gloves are worn by the outfielders in order to catch the flying balls on the run.


  • Catchers’ Mitts
Catchers’ Mitts
Catchers’ Mitts

One might get confused as to why they are called mitts that is because; the gloves are not designed for having separate and individual fingers. These gloves have extra padding and a claw-like shape, basically designed for catching the fastballs. These gloves provide great kind of comfort to the catchers.


  • First Baseman’s Mitts


Well, these gloves too do not have separate and individual fingers designed upon them. The structure of these gloves are designed as wide and long in order to pick up the balls that are badly thrown by the infielders. The patterns of these mitts generally range in-between 12.5-inches to 12.75-inches only, when measured from the tip to wrist. 



While looking for the best baseball glove, one must be well-aware of the popular brands that manufacture them. It is quite obvious, you must be pretty sure about the brand that you choose as having detailed knowledge of the quality, type of material, goodwill is must. Here are few top rated brands that manufacture baseball gloves-


  • Rawlings


A popular sports brand, manufacturing almost all the sports equipment, you can be sure about the material type, quality and durability of the baseball gloves that it manufactures. The Major League Baseball players often consider this, Missouri-based company as a reliable brand that never disappoints in terms of quality. 

To your surprise, Gold Glove Awards were organized by the Rawlings; that is significantly considered as the Oscars of the Baseball gloves that players wear. Coming to the series of gloves, Rawlings, with the pace of time has manufactured the Heart of the Hide, the Gold Glove, the Gold Glove Collection, etc. 


  • Wilson


One wouldn’t be wrong to say that the name speaks for itself. Wilson is sports equipment brand that has made place for itself over the years by providing the best quality sporting goods. The series of baseball gloves manufactured by Wilson include the A2000, the A1k, etc. 

Well, there is no doubt that the gloves manufactured by this brand are worn by renowned baseball players, they even recommend the brand, probably that is the reason why this brand is counted as the best one for manufacturing the baseball gloves.


  • Marucci


Well, this sports brand is also termed as a good option while looking out for the baseball gloves of different varieties. These are high-quality gloves that are un-hesitantly promoted by top baseball players, for obvious reasons. The Major League players strongly promote this brand as it offers supreme quality baseball gloves along with other baseball equipment. Honor the Game, RS225, Adjustable, etc. are some of the series of baseball gloves presented by this sports brand.



While selecting the baseball glove, the best guide is the position that you play in. Well, there are various other points that must be kept in mind while selecting the best one for you-


  • Webbing


Baseball gloves come with different kinds of webbings. While looking out for the infielders’ gloves, loose stitch webbing can be observed. The loose stitch webbing on the baseball glove is done in order to enable the infielder to gain more control over the field, hoping to get the ball instantly.

Baseball buyers Guide
Baseball buyers Guide

There are different kinds of webbings or web designs that can be found on the baseball gloves, they are-

  • Closed or Basket web- In order to conceal the ball inside the glove, instantly and quickly, the closed or basket structure is given on the glove. Basically, the closed or basket web is designed upon the glove for the pitchers and the catchers, however, some middle infielders may also be seen wearing ‘closed web’ designed baseball gloves.


  • H-web- The third baseman and middle infielders prefer wearing H-web designed baseball gloves only. The H-web design or the dual post web design in the baseball gloves has the ability to offer both rigid and flexible structure to the gloves. 


  • I-web- As the I-web design structured upon the baseball gloves offers open webbing, the gloves structured this way are worn by the middle infielders. The beauty of this design is that it does not let any dirt or debris in any form, to accumulate anywhere in the glove.


  • Two-piece closed web- Designed for the pitchers, the two-piece closed web designed is significantly structured on the gloves so that they offer a great place for concealing the ball while it is on the mound.


  • Trapeze Web- Such kinds of baseball gloves are technically and significantly used by the outfielders. The glove has a large and maximum catching range; that is perfect for the outfielders. Further, these gloves help the outfielders to save themselves from the sun’s heat.


  • Padding


Baseball Gloves Padding
Baseball Gloves Padding

The baseball players would agree; padding is an important thing to consider while purchasing the baseball glove. The padding of the glove totally depends upon the position the baseball player plays from. Further, it can be said that padding is important as it allows the players different kind of comfort that is needed in terms of catching the ball once it hits from the baseball bat. Nowadays, the sports brands are offering gloves that have great amount of padding on it as players these days look out for more comfort while playing. 



  • Type of material


Baseball gloves are made up of various kinds of materials like synthetic, leather, mesh, treated leather, etc. However, the most preferred type of material in terms of baseball gloves is leather only. Leather made gloves offer great stability and durability to the hands of the players. Moreover, they are considered best in terms of comfort as well.

Baseball Gloves Types Of Material
Baseball Gloves Types Of Material


Taking about synthetic material made baseball gloves; they do not disturb the wallet of the players and are lightweight. In order to have quick break in periods, the players are seen preferring treated leather gloves as they are preconditioned with oils. The gloves that are made up of mesh material; are lightweight and preferred by the young players.

  • Wrist Fittings


With the pace of time, more and more focus is shifted upon the wrist fittings when it comes to wearing a baseball glove. A glove should completely adjust the wrist of the players’ hands so that it fits in properly. Further, when a glove is designed with an intention to fit the wrist, it becomes easy for the player to wear and take off the glove.

Baseball Gloves
Baseball Gloves


No matter how hard you go in selecting the correct baseball glove for yourself, the entire job is a total waste if you fail in falling for the right size that suits your hand. One, while buying baseball gloves from sports stores may find it easy to choose one, as they can try out the glove. 

However, it would be a difficult task for the ones dependent upon online mediums, like buying baseball gloves from Amazon or any other online shopping site. Here we present you a table that will be a great help for you, to decide the size of the glove best suited for you.

Baseball Gloves
Baseball Gloves


During earlier times, in a baseball game, wearing gloves was not considered as an important thing. However, with the pace of time, when technological advancements started taking place, more and more importance was given to the comfort of the players and their safety also. In that consideration, the baseball gloves strategically came into being and became core baseball equipment. 

As of now, the baseball gloves are standardized and worn by the defendant team while the baseball game is played. As the baseball gloves manufactured today, are extremely comfortable and easy to wear, the players on the defendant side, find it really easy for catching, throwing and passing the ball. One may seek differences among various kinds of gloves by the way of the thickness of the heel, the design of the web and how it fits the palm. 

Well, no matter the baseball gloves are already enough technologically advanced to be worn by the players, still, the experts do seek opportunities for improvements. In order to enhance the protection, efficiency and comfort that gloves offer to the player, various kinds of innovations are taking place by the efforts of sports brands. Now that safety of players has become a major talk in the field of sports, such efforts are worth it. 

Material Used in Baseball Gloves
Material Used in Baseball Gloves

Here, have a look at how the manufacturing of a typical leather baseball glove takes place-


  • Raw material used


As the name suggests, the glove is entirely made up of pure leather, except some plastic backups placed at the base of the small finger as well as the thumb, also the nylon thread; that is used at some places on the glove. The leather of cattle, cowhide and Kangaroo is most preferred for manufacturing the baseball gloves. 

  • Manufacturing process used


First of all, the leather used to make the baseball glove is made germs-free, bacteria-free and are cured for making it perfect for the use. Processes like salting and drying are used for killing the bacteria. Further, the leather is tanned; it is a process of treating the leather to prevent putrefaction so that the gloves can be manufactured out of it. 

The testing and purification process does not end here, the leather is then tested inside the laboratories and confirmed if it is fit for manufacturing in gloves or not. Further processes include-

  • The die-cutting of glove parts
  • Lining and shell
  • Inserting the plastic and pad backups
  • Webbing
  • Stitching and lacing
Baseball Gloves Material
Baseball Gloves Material


  • Quality Control


Keeping a check on the quality of the leather that is used for manufacturing the gloves is a prime responsibility of the manufacturers. When the leather is brought up to the laboratory, it is thoroughly tested in terms of color and strength that it has. Well, even when the cowhide leather is approved for the use by the testers, the manufacturers make use of only a part of it. 

Brands like Rawlings, very well-known brand, has shared that it uses just 30% of a cowhide, which is enough to make around three to four gloves. The quality control department has a major responsibility while they undertake the checking standards process. Each person at the manufacturing stage has to verify the standards that are set.



Q. Can I use mink oil on my baseball glove?

A. In order to soften the leather of your baseball glove, you may various kinds of oil. It has been seen that quite a few people use shaving cream to soften the leather made baseball glove. It is advised that you may, preferably use others things like Vaseline, mink oil, tanner's glove oil, glove manufacturers oils, saddle soap, etc. in order to soften the leather of your baseball glove.

Q. What shall I do in order to keep my baseball gloves safe from drying out?

A. After you play a game or after practice, you must clap the batting baseball gloves together to remove any loose dirt before putting them back in their place. Afterwards, you may use dishwasher soap, lukewarm water, and a cloth and gently wipe them clean. Make sure you dry any excess water/soap/moisture with a clean, dry cloth then finally, hang them out to dry.

Q. What are some best baseball gloves brands?

A. Some best baseball gloves brands are- Wilson A2000, Rawlings, Nokona, Mizuno, 44 Pro, Akadema, Loisville Slugger and Easton.

Q. What size outfield baseball gloves must an adult wear?

A. Outfield Gloves generally sized at 12.5 to 12.75 inches for adults, about 11 inches for children and teenagers. A deeper pocket must be there to handle balls hit high in the air.

Q. What baseball glove size do women wear?

A. For adult women and those in high school, a second baseman or shortstop would need an 11- to 11.25-inch glove, a shortstop, third baseman or pitcher would need an 11.5- to 11.75-inch glove, and an outfielder would require a 12- to the 13-inch glove.

Q. What attempt shall I make in order to choose the best baseball glove for my child?

A. You must follow the steps- you must place the child's hand palm-side down on a table. His fingers should be close together and fully extended. Then, do measure your kid's index finger. Well, using a flexible measuring tape will provide more accuracy, in our views. Make sure to add two inches to the measurement you have taken. This certainly determines your child's glove size that would be best for him.
Best Baseball Gloves Reviews
Best Baseball Gloves Reviews


Baseball is definitely a sport that amazes people and attracts their attention. Being a player, you must be considered about the equipment that you need for the sport. Baseball gloves are obviously the ones that play a major role in the sport and you must be extra cautious while selecting the best one for you.

By the way of this article that lists top 10 baseball gloves, reviewed by the experts would have had solved your major issue and you must have found the perfect baseball glove for you that ensures great protection to your hand. Best Baseball Gloves Reviews

In the end, it is you who has to choose the glove that suits your style and whose specifications are good enough or you. It would be great if you list the features and then decide the best baseball glove for you!

Best Baseball Gloves Reviews


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